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Elizabeth McIntosh and the Strong Women of the OSS by Linda Harris Sittig

Before the CIA, there was the Office of Strategic Services, known as the OSS. Composed of both civilians and military, nationals and foreign correspondents, it constituted an army of men and women dedicated to penetrating the world of foreign intelligence. … Continue reading

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Mary Louise Chambers, Depression Generation Survivor by Linda Harris Sittig

She never published a story, painted a picture, or won an award. She didn’t do volunteer work or help out in her children’s classrooms. Other than a bowling trophy, she never received much recognition in life at all. Yet she … Continue reading

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Eleanor Roosevelt, National Activist by Linda Harris Sittig

At a physical glance, Eleanor Roosevelt might not be considered memorable. She never opted for the limelight and would have perhaps been perfectly content just marrying the man she loved, raising a family, and working for a charitable cause. Instead … Continue reading

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